Tradershub: Its Many Roles and Functions in Modern Trading System

What comes to mind when you hear about Tradershub? A platform for trading? A new system for Forex exchange? A new technology for trading management and their payout? Well, it is a new platform that can do it all: managing single trade, a system for Forex exchange, and a method for payment management.

A single platform that can be used for different kinds of transactions is definitely handy and efficient, especially in the trading world where fussy implementation has been a major issue.
The Common Issue and ProblemTrading industry is a promising business with a lot of handsome rewards. However, you have to admit that the overall technology and system is pretty complicated and downright confusing. When you want to do different trades, for instance, you will have to use different platforms for the arrangement. Not to mention that you will have to use another program when you want to manage the payment and the payout.

Trust and honesty have been the major issue. There is nothing transparent …

The objectives and the challenge of Sp8de

The Sp8de platform provides more than 20 casino entertainment options including casino games, roulette, poker and other gambling. Sp8de has seen a strong and ambitious move from gambling entertainment developers to build next-generation games exclusively with blockchain and smart contacts. The key driver behind this move is the user's desire to transparently handle the players and the casino.

Sp8de realizes that, in the coming years, the tendency to adjust online games with blockchain tends to expand. Sp8de aims to collect at least 10,000,000 USD to pursue its transformational strategy. Sp8de's main goal is to enter the traditional gambling market online to offer new choice players; a game that is really fair.

So, how do you keep and usecan also convert this token with any kind of ETH tokens as well as cryptocurrencies.
DevelopmentSp8de positions itself as a gambling entertainment provider and will use funds from contributions to build complex blockchain-based platforms. In addit…

The Role of Goldie on Buzzshow

Blockchain has been used for various industries. The latest industry which applies this technology is Buzzshow. Buzzshow is an online video social network platform which gives benefits for all members on the network.

One of interesting benefits is that all members have a chance to earn cryptocurrency known as Goldies. The explanation below gives you wider understanding about this platform and earnings.
Earning from BuzzshowBuzzshow is trying to give income to all members who are connected to its network. The income is in the form of Goldie. Actually, Goldie is an ERC20 token and it is developed with the latest platform known as Ethereum platform. The token is shared to the users via smart contracts because this system helps to secure all the transactions made on Buzzshow.

By using smart contract, the owner of Goldie is able to transfer their cryptocurrency faster and easier in a few seconds. You can also convert this token with any kind of ETH tokens as well as cryptocurrencies.
The Way t…

SyncFab: Tackling the Supply Chain Obstacles

Have you ever been to one store to buy something and notice that its price is different from other stores? Don’t you ever wonder what the causes? You are sure that the product is original and not fake, but what causes the different price? It’s all in the supply chain distribution, which is responsible for the extra price.

SyncFab is trying to tackle the issue with this problem, creating a new technology that ensures distribution efficiency.
Distribution IssuesSupply chain is important to deliver products from manufacturers to customers. However, often times, the chain is complicated and difficult, adding up extra prices to the price of the products. You probably want to have only one chain of distribution but the real world isn’t that easy.

It takes several chains of distributions for a product to get to the customers. And within each distribution chain, problem may arise. Not only such a chain is prone to issues, the cost for handle and delivery will also add up.

This is the main issue t…

CoinMetro ICO Review-Monitizing CoinMetro

CoinMetro has partnerships with banks located in Georgia and Estonia. These banks provide an eMoney facility that allows every user to transact in the CoinMetro ecosystem. Through the bank, users will not find a problem when they want to monetize tokens they have or vice versa.

However, in the meantime, the use of eMoney is still limited to some banks only and cannot be done worldwide. Currently CoinMetro and the partners are continuing to expand their cooperation with more parties so that CoinMetro prospective users around the world can get the same ease.
CoinMetro debit cardCoinMetro and the banks plan to provide debit cards to all users. Through a debit card, users can spend their tokens in certain places around the world. The debit card will be launched immediately after the token launch. FXPIG and several banks guarantee the use of the card.

This card is one way CoinMetro proves that their product has an actual utility. The cryptocurrency utility is often questioned by potential inv…

CoinMetro: Introducing New Technology for Forex Sector

If you think that CoinMetro will be the same Forex platform as the traditional one, you need to do a more thorough research. The basic idea is the same: it is about Forex trade and its arrangement in managing your investment.

However, unlike the traditional one, this new platform comes with all the technologies and systems designed to make the operation simpler and easier. There is no more complicated arrangement about the whole deal.
The Lack of New TechnologyForex trade may be lucrative with handsome rewards. It’s just too bad that the overall implementation of the system isn’t friendly at all. The digital technology has been outdated and needed improvements but nothing new has been done so far. There are a lot of examples about the system’s complications.

Transparency and trust are one of the most common problems, resulting in mistrust and financial abuse. The system is quite complicated and difficult. Ask any traders and they would tell you that ‘easy’ isn’t the right word for Forex …