Covesting to Offer A Unique Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Covesting - The number of Businesses That Accept Bitcoin has been on the rise in a steady fashion. This increase is due to the fact that the digital currency has become increasingly popular as the day goes on. As its value dramatically soar to nearing 15,000 dollar over the past month, investors scramble to get in on it. But is there actually a good and profitable way for investors to start now? Or is it a little too late for them?

Many experts with conventional finance and banking background may advise against joining the craze. Their argument is that Bitcoin is showing signs of a bubble that may burst any time now. But if there is one thing they seem to forget, it’s the fact that Bitcoin has a preset cap. With just 21-million of it circulated, the value is expected to raise like it does now.

This means that the value of Bitcoin will never stay static. The value is expected to raise, albeit perhaps not as dramatically as what happened over the past month. Experts in the field even go as far as predicting its value to reach 25,000 dollar per 1 Bitcoin in 5-years. Over the next 10 to 15 years, it’s not surprising if the value reaches 100,000 dollar.

This incredible value increase is undoubtedly one of the driving forces of why investors would like to invest in Bitcoin. But what is the best way to bring in the capital and invest in the digital currency? Such question is to be expected, and if you share similar question, the answer is Covesting. Yes, Covesting is the latest platform with the ability to unite both investors and professional traders together.

Likened to Etoro, the difference between these two platforms lies in the fact that Covesting focuses on cryptocurrency market. Unlike Etoro that focuses on stock market, Covesting offers a completely unique decentralized platform. This platform is specifically designed to be easy to use for everyone.

With amateur traders or first time investors in mind, Covesting provides them with the ability to get right into it. The total market cap of more than 170-billion dollars undoubtedly looks inviting. As expected, beginners will flock to try their luck. In stock market, this practice may be difficult for beginners as they do not have the necessary knowledge.

But with Covesting, beginners will be able to do what is referred to as Copy Trading. This trading type allows beginners to copy what professional traders do – without having to lose access to their own funds. Other than copy trading, other benefits that can be gotten by investors are the ability to still be in total control of their own fund. This means they are able to copy up to 20 traders and cancel at any time.

As for the traders, Covesting allows them to setup their own trading model while getting extra benefits in the process. They are encouraged to make smart profitable trades in order to move up to the top of the platform.  But perhaps the best thing from it is the fact that traders may get 18-percent fees from success investors. This allows them to get more profit on top of their Cryptocurrency Values.

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