CyberTrust to Securitize Token to Provide Solution for Institutions

Being one of the best financial tech companies, CyberTrust doesn’t dwell on How Much Is A Bitcoin Today but rather its inclusivity. Of course focusing on the topic of how much value per 1 Bitcoin has on this day and age can be more interesting. Who would not want to get the value of 16,000 dollars for every Bitcoin we have? But ultimately, the financial tech company prefers to highlight the issue that has been long overlooked by many of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Majority of these enthusiasts may not see the issue. The method has been proven to be working, and not only that, it has also been proven to be very profitable. If there’s one idiom that covers this issues, it must be “if it’s not broken, do not fix it.” To them, the Bitcoin along with the system and technology doesn’t need to be fixed. So in one way, it would be wise to just leave it at that. For all they know, the blockchain technology has covered every single aspect of it.

We can talk about security and reliability at length, but it all comes down to the technology. With Bitcoin being powered by Blockchain, it’s quite difficult to pick them apart looking for flaws. It’s true that the Blockchain has been absolutely incredible with aspects such as reliability and transparency. But when it comes to security, some people may beg to differ. Before you try to defend the technology, we can assure you that we are both on the same page.

However, the security issue that raises questions is none other than the legal aspect of it. CyberTrust makes it a point that while majority of enthusiasts have no issue whatsoever with the system that they have now. The same cannot be said by a few groups of people. These particular groups of people are typically made up of investors and institutional clients. With many enthusiasts able to reap rewards, people with capital who wish to invest must be forced out of the way.

This is to be expected, however. CyberTrust notices that the lack of legal framework becomes the downfall. Their reluctance in taking the plunge stems from cryptocurrencies lack of auditable ownership and judicial recovery. While Blockchain has been proven time and time again of its security, the risk for theft or security breach doesn’t automatically cease to exist. If they happen to lose the generated code for authentication purposes, it would be difficult for them to seek recovery.

This issue doesn’t only negatively affect them, but also the realm of crypto market. The fact that they have the capital for investment can really be used to further the market of this particular cryptocurrency. With that being said, a solution is needed. CyberTrust has taken it upon themselves to construct a solution that enable investors to finally get involved.

By creating securitized token that may be widely used by institutions to normalize both clearing and settlement risks. Not only that, the tokens can also be used to provide protection against any other risks associated with cryptocurrency and lack of auditable ownership. Should something goes amiss, investors won’t automatically lose their Cryptocurrency Values.