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Nuggets-Biometric Blockchain Payment & ID Data Tool

Nuggets use blockchain technology to provide better security, more open transaction processing, and provide more payment options. Blockchain technology is known to have a good security system. this technology also prioritizes transparency; Nuggets indeed 'hide data' users, but this application still provides transparency of transactions on each party involved in it.

Nuggets have tokens called NUGs. This token is created using the Ethereum system. Ethereum selection is based on a universal quality of the system and token. Ethereum also has high exchange and acceptance rates so NUG is expected to work with the same progress. As an Ethereum-based token, NUG obviously has extensive access to online stores based on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The blockchain is a system that allows any platform or application to work independently. This allows Nuggets to store data of its users on their own servers; a server that cannot be watched by other parties. This way has advantages and disad…

EOZ: Global Lending World with Clear Scheme

If there is an idea of being able to lend your money for a daily profit, will you do it? This is what EOZ offers: the chances for people to engage in smart and profitable investment without any complication or fuss.

All you have to do is to lend your tokens so the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) with their Auto Trading Robot can manage it through smart trading activity. So, how does this platform work, exactly?
EOZ SystemsBasically, when you have EOZ currency, you are allowed to choose different investment scheme with daily profits. Whether you want to save your profits or withdraw them, it is up to you – daily withdrawal is even possible. You can also withdraw your main investment – of course with 20% penalty being charged. Thanks to the easy features and user-friendly panel, making a withdrawal is possible and even easy.

Here are some of the available options:

• If you invest in between $100 to $499, expect 3% for your daily profit. However, the holding period lasts for 160 days
• If you…

Bob's Repair Initial Coin Offering Review

Bob’s Repair is developing a platform for contractors to address three problems it identifies as plaguing their industry: fraudulent online reviews, price inflation due to advertising costs, and lack of transparency with billing. They are also releasing their own digital currency, the BOB, to crowdfund for the project and offer its owners a share of the company’s profits.
What Is Bobs Repair?Bob’s Repair was founded by two brothers, Frideric and Alexandre Prandecki. Both Prandecki brothers have studied management at Harvard University. They have been developing software for contractors for several years, beginning with the Skilled Trade Workers Platform (STWP) in 2013; Bob’s Repair is a natural extension of this earlier project, which offers even greater flexibility and efficiency by embracing blockchain technology. The Prandecki brothers are supported by a small, but highly experienced, team of software developers and marketing analysts, and they consult with a team of advisors that i…

OTPPay: Future Payment with Different Sales Periods

Wouldn’t it be great if you can conveniently switch to whatever platform when you want to use cryptocurrency or fiat money? By the way, fiat means real, or the regular money you use in your daily life. Today’s technology has made it great in terms of flexibility, simplicity, and easiness.

When you can save, keep, send, or receive money through a decentralized system of digital money, you have improved the usage of money as means of exchange to a greater level. You no longer depend on the traditional banking system and such thing alike. Imagine the freedom and flexibility you can enjoy.
How OTPPay WorksBasically, OTPPay connects your crypto wallet with other means of payments. Not only you can send the cryptocurrency from one wallet to another wallet, now you can convert it to fiat currency – and you only need to do so through a special platform. Let’s say that you want to buy grocery.

Simply tap on the app during the checkout, choose which currency you want to use, send it away, get your…

Quifas-Platform Pertukaran Crypto Berteknologi Tinggi

Pertukaran Crypto tidak mampu mengatasi arus masuk orang dan koin ini. Platform mereka yang terbebani menjadi semakin rentan terhadap serangan hacking dan menimbulkan masalah operasional seperti eksekusi order yang lambat, kesulitan dalam mendaftarkan pengguna baru atau upgrade akun yang tertunda. Beberapa kehilangan keunggulan kompetitif mereka dengan latar belakang perubahan kondisi pasar.

Pedagang sudah bersaing dengan pasar crypto yang sangat mudah menguap. Antusiasme dan potensi keuntungan mereka dibasahi oleh liku-liku pertukaran crypto. Biaya perdagangan yang tinggi, keterlambatan dalam pelaksanaan order, sistem keamanan yang tidak stabil, batasan penarikan yang rendah dan batasan pada mata uang fiat yang didukung, adalah beberapa halangan yang dihadapi oleh trader dan investor.

Quifas, pertukaran crypto dengan perbedaan, bertujuan untuk menghilangkan masalah ini, sehingga orang bisa menukarkan aset crypto dengan ketenangan pikiran. Pertukaran crypto yang aman dan inovatif ini me…

The technology used by KickCity

Event industry experienced a significant change. Events serve as a means to gain profit. One of the advantages comes from ticket sales. Event organizers assess the success of an event from the number of tickets sold. The more tickets sold then the profits will be greater. To gain profits and large numbers of visitors, the promotion is done in various ways. One is to use social media and take advantage of platforms such as KickCity.

KickCity is a platform dedicated to event organizers and promotions. KickCity uses a system that connects the platform and the users through social media. Social media is the right media to promote. Each user can do promotion by using social media.
Artificial intelligence in the blockchain-based platformKickCity has a unique way of introducing the platform. The KickCity promotional service can be used for free at the start of its release. Although free, users have to buy KCY to use this platform. This free service aims to increase interest in KickCity.