AMLT Makes Bank Left Behind

AMLT - Blockchain makes bank afraid. At least, this is the most recent rumor. In fact, the bank has reason why they are afraid of blockchain existence. It is predicted that people will leave the bank since there is an alternative. Doing transaction using Blockchain is much safer, easier,and even cheaper.

The bank feel like really left behind when AMLT is made. Cryptocurrency worlds seems to be perfect. No body worries to do transaction using virtual currency. Almost everybody can do it. And they possibly really need it.

Short Explanation About AMLT

The first thing that possibly you want to know is what AMLT is. It is like a helper. It is a platform which helps you to avoid bad thing happen when you do transaction using virtual currency.

Is there something bad that might happen? Of course. For instance, you are suspected as an individual who takes apart in money laundry activity. In fact, you don’t have any idea what money laundry is. What you usually do is do transaction using virtual currency. However,you don’t know that you received amount of money from the one who involves in money laundry activity.

Indeed, you don’t want it, do you? Therefore, you can take the advantages of AMLT. This platform will help you to make a good decision while doing transaction using virtual currency. There is a report related to AML (anti-money laundering) and CTF (counter-terrorist financing) risks.

What else can AMLT do?

There are a lot of data provided by AMLT such as hash, transaction fee, and many others. In short, by using AMLT, you have a capability to analyze participants in the cryptocurrency market. Then, you can make a good decision when you want to buy crypto.

Surely You Can Rely On AMLT

Possibly, you still have something that makes you worry. If you have already gotten in cryptocurrency world, you must have understood the risk of doing transaction. You have no idea since you don’t know with whom you do transaction. However, using AMLT, you don’t have to worry about it. You get any information related to people in cryptocurrency world. So, you can avoid cheating.

It is not all. AMLT will make you sure that you have met AML and CTF rules. Therefore,there is no way for you to arrest for what you did because you actually didn’t have any intention to break the rule.

Now, you can invest in virtual money more safely. You can do payment or transaction using this virtual currency since many companies uses this payment method. Even, there is prediction in which people in future can buy certain product from other countries much cheaper using virtual currency.

People can work from home while the company from different country can send payment using virtual currency as well. And in order to make sure that the transaction meet AML and CTF regulation, AMLT comes offering a help while the traditional bank cannot do it.

Does it mean that people will no longer use the bank because of AMLT? Let’s time answer.

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