BABB Makes Everybody Happier Without Conventional Bank

For the times being, almost everyone needs a bank. Unfortunately, some of them don’t have access to have bank account. That is why BABB comes as a solution.

It is surprising to know that around seven billion people all over the world don’t have access to bank. It might be caused by some factors. However, the main factor is that the bank cannot give them account because of regulation. Their income is lower than what the bank has determined. Finally, those people don’t have access to financial services.

On the other side, every country has a main purpose to end the poverty. Unfortunately, the bank service which actually becomes the bridge to make it true cannot be obtained by poor people. They should have the opportunity to start or even develop their business when there is loan from the bank. Nevertheless, the problem is that they are unbanked.

So, there is no a hope from the bank. BABB comes to bring that hope.

What Is BABB?

BABB stands for Bank Account Based Blockchain. It is a platform that you can install in your Smartphone. This platform makes the banking system decentralized.

So, BABB is a bank? Not really. This platform is trying to combine between traditional bank service and Blockchain technology. Like what has been explained before, this tries to make unbanked people get financial access to make sure that they have better life in future.

Based on that goal, the main focus is to provide underserved micro-economy banking service, not to mention loan. Now, the question is that how it can be.

In fact, BABB has met regulation to make everybody compliant with the bank regulation.Therefore, those who use this platform will be able to get bank services more easily using this BABB.

From this brief, it seems that this platform is created for those who are unbanked. It is untrue. Those who have bank account can also make the most of this platform. It is due to the fact that a lot of benefits given, not only for unbanked people.

Benefits of Installing BABB Smartphone App

Now, you have already had a picture about what BABB is. It is a platform that you can install in your smartphone. This app make people much easier to have bank services.

However, it is not all. Here are BABB benefits.

- High security
- Physical Black Card
- Transfer fund without dealing with bank

You might have a lot of money and you don’t need to get bank service like borrowing money. You don’t need this one. It is not true either. In fact, this app connect those who have idea and have money to invest. And the security in any transaction is no doubt anymore. Therefore, the first benefit is that BABB gives high level security using biometric solution for secure verification process. So, no cheating at all.

Even, you can be a helper. With Social KYC, you can be the one who vouch for person in order that he or she gets access to the bank account. Don’t you think BABB is interesting?

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