Cryptocurrency for Newbies: Cobinhood Service Platform

For you who are interested in the art of cryptocurrency, the name Cobinhood as a service platform should not be too much of a mind to begin with. In this time of the age, everything in this world is or is in the process of getting digitalized. We have digitalized letters, we have digitalized watches, we have digitalized items that you can print on demand, and we have something called digitalized money. This digitalized money is dubbed as cryptocurrency, and people prefer to use the term as opposed to digitalized money (although saying the thing as digitalized money is a bit of stretch because digitalized money already existed back when banks started to create ATMs).

Cryptocurrency is the future of investment, and many smart investors are trying to find ways in order for them to dominate the cryptocurrency field. They brought computer parts at a higher price and they mine the thing basically without any limitation whatsoever, making the price of the thing rise high and high with each passing day. The fact that there is no clear regulation on cryptocurrency trading makes cryptocurrency a economically volatile but highly profitable type of trading, and it certainly will bring many interested investors close to it. Added to the fact that crypto mining is an easy thing to do, no  wonder that people flocked to this type of investment.

If you are interested in investing in the crypto, there are several things that you need to know. The most important, however, is to have a platform in which you can trade your mined coins. Sure you can trade coins behind the back, but in some countries it is illegal for you to trade cryptocurrency without a supervisor to supervise the trade. So, it is better to trade them under a watchful regulator rather than having the feds breathe behind your neck. Save is always better than sorry, and nothing is even more right than this.

The trading platform you have chosen for your trade is needed because of several things. If you want to be a day cryptocurrency trader, you need a trading platform to buy the crypto itself (legally, of course). One such famous trading platform that I have in mind is Cobinhood. What is Cobinhood. What is Cobinhood? What makes Cobinhood a good trading platform? Why Cobinhood and not any other? Well, the answers to those questions can be found lying within this article, so if you are interested in Cobinhood, it will be in your best interest to read this from the top to the bottom.

Before we can begin, let us learn a bit about Cobinhood

For those of you who did not know, Cobinhood is one of the cryptocurrency service platform available in the world. You can get and offload cryptos there provided you have them in your account. It is based in Taiwan (when you get to their site, it will be obvious) and it is hailed as a service platform that is surging up on a daily basis. The platform itself is actually a bit young on the side of age, hence its lack of popularity compared to other such as Coinbase. The CEO is a bit on the young side as well, and youth optimism is always a plus in a company that trades crypto.

Cobinhood, aside from being a service platform, is also a good cryptocurrency service platform for reasons. What are those several reasons that I think made Cobinhood one of the best growing servce platform of the age?

It is the world’s first at something

We all have in our minds that something or someone who pioneered something is often hailed as an important figure of something. We have Columbus who first discovered America (which he mistook for India because Columbus is such a hard butt), we have Graham Bell who first invented the telephone, we have Beauvoir who first pioneered the existential crisis of all women, and we have Cobinhood as a company that provides zero fee exchange.

‘But zero fee exchange does not seem too significant when compared to telephones.’

You are right about that, but only if you are a scrub who does not trade cryptocurrency.

If you ARE someone who is interested or is trading in cryptocurrency, you need to know how important and how profitable it is to trade without a fee. When you have a regulatory fee, you have to pay a nice sum of money to the regulator to comply with the regulator’s regulations (which is mainly how the regulators earn money).

You have to do this each time you want to buy or you want to sell cryptocurrency, so it is a potential loss of profit. As a trader, a potential loss of profit is something that we need to dazzlingly avoid. We have to ‘dance’ around said loss, and one of the way to dance around said loss is to use Cobinhood. We traders want to spend the smallest amount of money and to earn the biggest earning ever, so greed is basically what you need when you want to succeed as a trader (in order to avoid yourself from being the object of people’s scorn, you can found foundations and whatnots. Although the foundation’s money goes to you, at least you can look good while earning back the money you have lost).

You can actually do some margin trading in here as well, making it a platform that is more elastic in terms of investing and investments.

It is pretty achievable for small time traders and investors

When we want to trade cryptos, some platform will only allow us to do so when we already invested a nice amount of money in said account. The requirements to be able to trade are sometimes steep as well, making many service platforms not a good platform for small time traders.

There are platforms that will give you a small amount of fee it becomes laughable, but those small amount of fee will only come when you have passed a certain trading threshold. The more you buy, the smaller the fee will get (it is still there, though). Sure these companies are even more trustworthy than Cobinhood simply because they have existed for a longer time than latter. Sure these companies are easier to access and easier to use. But all of those does not mean jack shuck if you do not have enough money to trade crypto in huge amount.

Cobinhood is regarded as a platform that is far reaching and easy to use. For people who delves into the trade one finger at time, this is a great platform because you do not have to make lots of investment or buy lots of cryptos in here. You buy whatever amount your heart’s content and you do not have to pay any additional fees while doing it. Also, you do not need to have Bill Gate’s wealth to be able to trade in here. Simply register, deposit a starting fee, and you will be ready to get trading.

That is why Cobinhood is such a great alternative platform for the trade. You can get the stuff for only the price of the stuff. There is no added hassle when you are trading, which is a good thing for everyone. Guppy’s trades, Salmon’s trades, Megalodon trades, all can be achieved in Cobinhood if you want to do those trades.

It incorporate lots of cryptocurrencies

My scrub mind first thought that there is only Bitcoin when it comes to cryptocurrency. Always said that Bitcoin is the sole cryptocurrency and that cryptocurrency itself is Bitcoin. When I found out that I was wrong, I am embarrassed in front of my investor friends (I am not that savvy when it comes to tech, I have to admit).
Turns out, there are lots of other cryptos out there aside from Bitcoins.

This certainly will make it hard for people who want to trade a certain type of crypto because not every platform accept all types of brands of cryptos. Fortunately, Cobinhood accepts lots of crypto types. The crypto types that Cobinhood accepts are BCC, BTC, ETC, ZEC, LTC, COB, USDT, DASH, REP, GNT, EOS, XRP, and XMP (I know BTC stands for Bitcoin. The rest? Everybody’s guest)

Cobinhood also supports this thing called fiat currencies, which are currencies that exist based on credits and not gold or any other precious metals. The fiat currencies supported are JPY, KRW, USD, CNY, AUD, and CAD.

It is far reaching in terms of accessibility

You know that moment when you want to play Japanese games but said Japanese games only come in the Japanese language. It turns you off and it makes you do not want to play said games because you cannot read Japanese. It is a potential loss of fun and chance of playing the game, which is not a good thing for gamers.

The same can also be said when you are a trader. When you are trading, you basically want to have the platform as accessible as a clumsy person’s  purse. The accessibility might include getting a site to work in many languages or easy manoeuvrability. Cobinhood has two of those ready on their bottom. The platform is easy to use for people speaking English, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, German, French, Russian, and Japanese. All of the people from said countries will be able to trade in their respective languages, which is a good thing for people of those nations (I am still waiting for Bahasa Indonesia to be listed in every major sites around the world).

Another thing to consider when you are choosing a platform is how friendly it is for the customers and how helpful the costumer services is. While other platforms might not be costumer friendly (probably because of the lack of costumer’s service. Might be wrong though), you can be sure that Cobinhood will be very costumer friendly thanks to their 24 hours costumer’s service line.

Cobinhood’s infrastructure is as stable as a stone wall

One BIG problem when we are doing things are the infrastructure in which we are doing that thing on. When we are taking the highway, we expect the highway to have smooth and bump free road. When there is a single bump on the fast lane, accidents tend to happen more often than not, which is a dangerous thing.

Again, we can say the same thing about any crypto service platform. When said service platform is unstable, unwanted things tend to happen. When the infrastructures of the platform got broken or worse, the trade will stop and it will ruin the dynamics of such platforms. Service platforms getting ruined are something that happens on a daily basis, and the worse it got ruined the worse it will be for both traders and the owners.
Cobinhood is a platform that is a bit prideful when they are talking about stability, but the pride itself stemmed from the ability to keep the platform steady even when there are millions of trades that are happening at the same time. It can process thousands if not millions of orders in the milliseconds, which pretty much makes it a real time trading (real time trading liquidity is higher, that is why it is even more profitable for traders if the trade happens in real time).

It is the most secure platform out there

Cryptocurrency is pretty much susceptible to cybercrime. Hacking will happen and people will get hacked when they chose to trade in an unsafe environment. There was an incident back in 2016 where a particular platform got hacked and the hacker made it out with 120,000 Bitcoins. It is because the platform is not safe.
Cobinhood is safe though. It has this thing called a two factor authentication that will require you to access your email when you are involved in all kinds of transactions.

The offline bit is safe as well because Cobinhood got what I basically call as the 8 walls protection. The people who wanted to do some offline transactions will have to undergo 8 of these walls, so it is a bit lengthy process. Although it is lengthy, it is much safer this way.

That is all I have on Cobinhood as a service platform and I hope this article can teach you the needed stuff about this particular platform

Author : Elisa123
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