With BABB, Now Everybody Has Brighter Future

Can you imagine people living without bank services nowadays? It seems impossible,doesn’t it? However, there are about seven billion people in the world cannot obtain the service due to their low income.

Can they survive? Of course. Nevertheless, they only can move slowly. They can run faster like those who have financial services from bank. They can develop their skill or business more effectively.

Now, they have a hope. BABB emerges as a solution for those who don’t have access to bank services.

What BABB Gives To Them

BABB (Bank Account Based Blockchain) makes everybody is a bank. How comes? Because using this platform, everybody can send money or even borrow money without any bank.

Sound interesting?Some people might not trust it. There is a question in their mind “How can a platform give financial access like what bank does?” That question is logical since many new technology and programs offers the same time but finally it is just cheating. It is no more than fraud.

To make those people believe that BABB is not fraud, they have to read long explanation about this platform. Actually, this platform is built to make unbanked people have access to the bank services. How can it be? Using peer-to peer financial services. With this platform,everybody who need money can meet people who have money. Of course, it is not only about borrowing money. It is more about smart contract in which this platform connect people with idea about business and people with money to invest.

So, what BABB gives to people around the world? It is to give the opportunity for everybody to get brighter future.

Is BABB Legal?

Actually, it is a real bank which is compliant to UK regulation. So, this sentence is clear enough to explain about BABB in terms of legalization. It means that when you install this app into your smartphone and try to make account, you will have legal services.

All you have to do is install this BABB platform. The, register by taking selfie or saying a passphrase. Now, everybody can create UK bank account anywhere.

Registration process is very simple. When you finish, you are entering BABB ecosystem.With your smartphone and of course, internet connection, you are becoming a bank. You can almost do anything that bank can do like transferring money, lending, borrowing, or even doing money exchange.

Do you want to do payment or payroll?

Now you can make the most of this BABB app.Payment is more secure since BABB is using high technology biometric. Besides, it has already registered in Authorized Payment Institution regulated by the FCA.

Blockchain becomes the main technology behind this platform. This technology makes the bank system decentralized. Therefore, everybody can do transaction faster and cheaper. It is expected that this platform creates a new opportunity for users to grow faster in digital economy era. It is quite possible that over the time this BABB ecosystem is growing faster.

It means that the opportunity for people who live in poor country open widely then poverty and starvation don’t become issue anymore.

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