Copytrack: Useful Free-to- Use Platform for Digital Creators

Copytrack will make digital creators able to take a deep breath. Do you know why? Because they can protect their creation so nobody can take or we can say steal their creation without permission.

It sounds impossible to avoid plagiarism in digital era. We can take a look at how many internet users, especially those who earn money for living using website and content, take digital content like images without getting permission from the creator. Actually, there is a law in which those who do it on purpose have to pay because of that illegal action.

However, in reality, it doesn’t exist. Possibly, there are some creators who sue violators. It is due to the fact that it costs a lot and take time to make it happen. Even, some of the copyright content holders fail.

Now, Copytrack comes as solution for both sides, for copyright holder and also violator.

What Copytrack Can Do

It is important for you to know a little about Copytrack. In fact, it is a free platform that everybody can use it. Of course, not everybody needs it, but those who can take the advantages of it like content creators, blogger, digital agency, ecommerce, affiliate marketers, and anyone who do the job using online media like website.

So, are you a part of them? If yes, you really need this Copytrack. In short, there are two things that can be done by this Copytrack.

1. Help for Content Creators

Imagine that there is a content creator whose image is taken or stolen by certain people. In fact, it occurs many times. The content creator can use this platform to make sure that those who use the image pay because they have used the creator’s creation.

Of course, it can be done if the image or any creations have been registered.Therefore, the thing that the creators have to do is to make sure that they have registered the image they make.

2. Help for Violator

Do you know that you have to pay much more money if it is proven that you are stealing the one’s creation? Possibly, the money that you earn is lesser than the money that you have to prepare to face law enforcement.

Thanks to this Copytrack platform. You only need to pay little money for that thing that illegally you did.

So, now you know the benefit of Copytrack, right?

What Creators Have To Do?

Actually, the one who firstly takes the advantages of this platform is creator. For long time,creator has been a part of digital community that gets less benefit. They might take a long time to create great images. But, only less than a minute anybody can use it. It is unfair, isn’t it?

Therefore, for any digital creators all over the world, they have to use this platform. It is for free. Copytrack only takes a small commission when the thing goes like what has been expected. So, are you the one who really needs to use Copytrack?

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