Debitum Network Is the Right Choice for Getting Currency Credit and Loan

Banks currently prefer lending credit loan for macro business because they are more professional in business value. Of course, it rules out the possibility of micro business. It happens to some countries and even almost all over the world.

In accordance with World Bank, 70% micro business has no access to credit loan so that they get difficult to start and develop their business. Even, credit loan value of micro business reaches billion dollar. It is a fact that micro business requires currency injection. Debitum Network will overcome this problem through its blockchain technology.

What Is It?

Debitum Network is designed to meet risk examiner, investor, insurance company, and document validator. The people can gather in one network and participate in unlimited transactions. The professional companies or individuals working in alternative financial space are able to connect to the network freely and starts to facilitate unlimited transaction. Debitum Network is built to be hybrid platform.

All operations are processed through ethereal blockchain being debitum network to be safe infrastructure. It consists of smart family contract based on ethereum by using one internal payment method. Transactions with fiat currency ensure that company is really using this service easily in the region since the first day.

The Main Problem

Today, every funding stage is conducted in a centered way with a financial institution from the early stage to the end. As a result, such financial entity cannot operate much more than a local market because it has no infrastructure abroad. In another side, availability of funding capacity is limited so that there are some small parts of micro business demand fulfilled. It is really noticed by micro businessmen before finding credit loan.

Debitum Network Solutions

With this thought, debitum network with hybrid ecosystem is decentralized that is built over the ethereum blockade giving micro business access to all over the world with the use of technology and fiat system. It is able to access fund from investors in all over the world.

It consists of individual and professional team working to delete problems making micro business unable to expand broadly. Debitum network is integrated to Artificial Intelligence or TI technology to fully and automatically add the other services.

The Purposes of Debitum Network Join

The aim of Debitum Network is to help micro business to get credit loans easily, efficiently, and fairly. During a banking site that is not giving credit loan for small and micro business, it is caused by applicable terms and conditions. The bank sides are only giving priority to submitted loans from big businessmen because they are regarded to be more professional in managing their business.

Debitum Network will give solutions over the problems with blockchain technology to all small and micro businesses in all over the world. The solution is related to a credit difference for small and micro business. With the presence of platform, Debitum Network is able to help all small and micro businesses in the world to get credit loan so that they are able to expand and develop their business.


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