Fire Lotto: Fraud or Not

The question of investment security guarantee is actually not only experienced by Fire Lotto, but also by most online platforms. This is reasonable because users may never meet the developer of the platform. This question is increasingly prominent because Fire Lotto (and other blockchain platforms) is media that use a 'new type'currency that may not be known or ignored by most people.

As a blockchain based platform, Fire Lotto wants to show that the platform is a real deal; this platform is not fraud or scam. Through data transparency that all users can access (of course not all data), Fire Lotto wants to show that they are open to many things.

Constraints faced by users of blockchain-based platforms are when they have to take action if something happens (such as fraud). Fire Lotto users do not need to worry because Fire Lotto has a license (at least in some countries), especially permission for use of the coin they use.

Check the authenticity of Fire Lotto information

Users may hesitate with the authenticity of the lucky draw made by Fire Lotto. This doubt is actually fair, but Fire Lotto (in collaboration with Ethreum) develops a tool that can be used to check the authenticity of the draw of Fire Lotto. The tool is named Etherscan.

Etherscan can be used by Fire Lotto users to find out the draw and check the transaction in their wallet. Through Etherscan, you can check whether the results of the sweepstakes match the data held by the winner. For example, if your lottery number appears on the winner announcement, it's good if you do recheck in Etherscan to ensure the same data they have with the data you have.

The prize of each lottery is stored in a smart contract. The funds must be transferred to the smart contracts so every member will have equal possibility to win the jackpot. After the user passes all the important steps, Fire Lotto will transfer the funds to the users’ smart contracts.

The funds are can be transferred at any time (usually right at the moment or within 2 days). Also, every ticket sold will increase the value of the jackpots. The lottery ticket is in the operating mode already.

Does Fire Lotto need auditor?

The only disturbing thing is whether Fire Lotto has independent auditors or not (as some other platforms have). No, Fire Lotto has no independent auditor. Fire lotto does not need to be audited as there is no need for it.

The users, who have knowledge about the technology, have checked the code and confirmed that there are no problems. Every user can do the same thing themselves. The possible problems found by the team of Fire Lotto and the users will be handled as soon as possible, guaranteed. The performance of the platform is monitored both by the team and the users. Somehow, it has higher trust than something gave by any auditors.

Auditors may be important, but the active role of both parties (the team and the users) seems to have a greater impact. It does sound crazy, but that's the fact. In this way, Fire Lotto can do many things to suit the needs and desires of the users not the auditor.



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