Repux, where the Enterprise Big Data and Developer Thrive Together

REPUX is believed as a brilliant platform to accommodate the needs of data collectors, application developers, and data users. The performance can’t be separated with the technology installed to support the activity. Before investing your money in REPUX, you must check the detail first.

Repux as the Perfect Protocol for the Small and Medium Enterprise

The main aim of this platform is to build a platform which is 100% safe, quick and transparent that can be integrated with the different applications that are developed by the third parties to be used by the different industries.

This platform works by using the blockchain technology to the basis. Every transaction will be noted and it cannot be changed forever, so you may not doubt about the transparency and the safety of Repux. All the transactions are well kept and it is an effort that is used to reduce the possibility of the data stealing.
Just like the other crypto activities, there is a token that is used for all the activities within this platform. The Repux Token that is used is the ERC 20 token. This token can be done for joining all the activities within the Repux system. The qualified purchaser is the party in which users can purchase that Repux Token and it can be done during the ETH or token sale by transferring ether.

500 million token will be made and it will be sold on the 17th of November 2017 / 2pm UTC – 5th of April 2018 / 5pm UTC. In addition, the Token payment can be done in some ways such as the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Wire Transfer. How about the price? Price of the token is $0.20 for 1 Repux.

Mobile Cellular Application by Repux

Repux a possibility to share the data between the data collectors, developers of applications and data user that now cannot be found in the market. In addition, Repux will be also giving a chance to the producers of data to create a value on their data by facilitating the data producing to the users of many industries and erase the need for intermediaries in this process.


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