Repux, where the Enterprise Big Data and Developer Thrive Together

Do you know that there are millions of unused and anonymous data generated by different scales of industries and businesses? Where does this data go? In most cases, they are often discarded and thrown away – while in reality, data can play a huge role in modern implementation and application, only if it is managed and done correctly.

The Main Purposes of Repux and Its Existence

Repux is trying to come up with the ideal platform where everyone can monetize the data and developers can come up with new ideas or applications – everyone can benefit each other, basically. Our world today depends so much on technology, internet, and applications.

It is only logical if developers are trying to come up with new creations that will help with business implementation and operation. However, without the data, it would be impossible for developers to come up with ideas, creations, and concepts.

The Major Functions of the Platform

So, what are the purposes of this Repux platform, anyway?
  • To create a community and ecosystem where users, developers, and businesses can be connected directly. There won’t be any middlemen or third parties that can complicate the overall transaction or make everything confusing. Everyone knows that middlemen are responsible for the high fee or cost – which can shake the balance of the platform
  • To create a solid and safe platform where everyone can take part in the transaction in the safest manner possible. Since everything is running through the online world, the safe platform is needed. You can’t let your guard down, especially when dealing with shady parties. 
  • To create an easy interface that can be integrated with different platforms and uses. Developers or end users can develop their own custom needs for a certain app and they won’t have to worry about a thing – not the security system, not the complicated arrangement, and such thing alike
  • To create a simple way to monetize data – especially the wasted, unused, and anonymous data – through simple arrangement and management. 
The basic idea of this platform is to encourage interaction and sharing between members – not only limited to businesses but also individuals. Let’s say that a developer is interested to learn more about a data mechanism of a travel and transportation business.

They can buy the data from any sources related to the industries. From the collected data, they can make analysis and further study. Suppose that they come up with a new application that can make travel arrangement and schedule easier, and they know that the application will be useful for any business establishments running in the field. They can sell the app and gain profit (as well as credibility) for creating the specialized app. You can see that integration between parties is possible and everyone can enjoy the final perks.

RPX Tokens

RPX token will be used as the main currency within this platform. 1 RPX token is equal to $0,10 - $0.20. The main sale will take place from 6th of March 2018 - 5th of April 2018. So, are you interested to invest in Repux?


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