Sapien Network Review : The Objectives of Sapien

SPN is a cryptocurrency that can be used on many things related to the internet. The cryptocurrency can not only be used on the Sapien platform, but can also be used as a facilitator to purchase and transfer digital currencies either among other users of Sapien or other platforms.

In addition, the news on Sapien has an excellent actuality. This is because the users of Sapien are those who do have high integrity in news. The presence of rigorous monitoring and strict sanctions can also minimize hoaxes; any user who preaches false news will be fined (with cryptocurrency). Due to the high exchange rate of cryptocurrency, then the users certainly do not want to get a fine from the Sapien party.

The basic purposes

SPN will become the main transaction tool for every social activity and transaction conducted in Sapien.The NES, as previously mentioned, will be a reward for every Sapien contributor. Reward in the form of cryptocurrency aims to give a decent appreciation for any news that is considered important.Another purpose of giving these rewards is of course to increase the number of SPN users; the more users, the fewer tokens available, the higher the exchange rate.

In addition to wanting to expand 'investors' and provide financial benefits, Sapien also gives every user the opportunity to contribute to Sapien and all its users. This freedom of course has limits. Sapien may provide leeway, but every user is required to be a responsible user; this media does not allow its users to apply at will. Sapien is not an immune sensor platform, no; this platform still has strict rules that must be obeyed by every user.

You might imagine that you can comment or load anything on this platform; actually this is not. Sapien appreciates its users, but the platform also wants the ecosystem to provide positive feedback for the development of Sapien.

The people power

To create an autonomous social platform, Sapien invites its users to help develop the platform. How? Sapien has an interactive proposal feature that can be used to convey suggestions and critiques about the development of the platform. Through this proposal, users (as mentioned above), may influence platform developers in both repair and development.

In addition, Sapien users can also determine the exchange rate of SPN. The biggest risk of this policy is the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency will move very quickly (unstable). But of course that exchange rate changes will adjust to the existing conditions.Sapien will not make any exchange rate changes that could harm them and their users.

As Blockchain-based applications and pletforms are a new standard, Sapien (through SPN) creates a platform that serves as a multi-application container while enabling other applications / platforms (external) to participate in. Another goal of Sapien is to make the NES as a digital currency used for various purposes of online transactions.

The new platform will also integrate with the Sapien API; an app that allows its users to exchange and purchase apps using the SPN. The Sapien API can also be referred to as SPN wallet. However, the Sapien API can also serve as a marketplace for meetings of creators and potential users. This market will accommodate many "virtual goods" that can be bought or exchanged for other applications; but of course the application creators are those who have become SPN users.

Sapien Community Members

As a platform, Sapien certainly has many people who are responsible for various things. Those people are called ecosystems or communities. Each member of the ecosystem or the Sapien community has different roles and objectives; some work in teams and some work individually. Those who work in teams are usually people who work for Sapien, while those who work individually usually consist of users.

Sapien may have a radical idea by actively involving each user in the development process of the platform. Not only the Sapien team, but every user had the right and obligation to contribute to various matters relating to both the platform and the community.

You might ask "Will my voice be heard?" The answer is "Of course". Sapien together with the community may not be able to realize the wishes of its members (fair), but as much as possible every vote will be considered (every sound has the same portion). Basically, the greatest contribution of the Sapien community is valid news. Community members or ecosystems are required for post trusted news.

Sapien is made as a news media that convey, only, the right news. This certainly gives a positive effect, both to the platform and to the contributor itself.

Why become a member of the Sapien ecosystem?

You may / still write for other media but unfortunately do not get the right 'rewards'. Many freelance writers complain about the small payouts they receive. Some even find the writing to be reloaded or shared to other media without permission and without royalty. This is a serious problem. Each work should be rewarded in a good way.

Sapien will appreciate your news by providing SPN. SPN is one of cryptocurrency that has high value and wide function. You can use the rewards you receive to access more features of the platform and transact between users or with other blockchain-based platforms. This is an effective way to get a token SPN without buying it. Keep in mind that you must have enough money to buy cryptocurrency. So, why you should buy it when you can collect it in another way?

Another advantage of being a member of Sapien is that you can get more links. When you are incorporated in the ecosystem, you can meet more people with a variety of basic. You can get more knowledge and experience when you become a member of Sapien. In this ecosystem, you will not only earn income from Sapien, but you will probably earn another income from the work that you get from other users.

Although all members have similar roles, but they have different backgrounds. Most members have the same desire, that is, want to participate in a new community and something bigger. This is indeed a risky activity because what you get in Sapien (the money) cannot be used as easily as you use regular money.

Sapien is a great medium for those of you who want to know about cryptocurrency. Sapien provides an opportunity for everyone to contribute directly in the field of digital currency and the platform.



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