Steps to Use Copytrack to Protect Your Images or Works

Copytrack is known as a platform which helps to protect the copyright of your works. By using this platform you are able to share your works safely because you are the owner of the copyright.

You can make a claim when someone or unknown websites use your works without any permission or agreement from you. So, what do you have to do to use Copytrack? The steps will be explained below.

Creating an Account

You must have an account at Copytrack. As the member of the platform, you have right to use all the tools there to support the copyright of your works. Don’t worry because the way to create an account at Copytrack is easy and free. Just follow the instructions and make sure that you are submitting valid information. The detail of the owner and the work is very important and it will be collected in a digital database for further actions of the members.

Uploading Your Works

By the time you have an account you can start to upload your images or works. What makes Copytrack interesting to use is because you are able to upload as many as images or works you want. Anytime you are submitting the images or works, the platform will verify and give the copyright before publish it online. You may upload more than one works at once and it is easy to do without losing your time. The best part is that all those shared images have a copyright to show that you are the owner.

Validating the Works

After the uploading process is done, Copytrack is trying to validate all the works. The process can be done automatically or manually. Just make sure that you are following the instructions correctly. Moreover, you have to make sure that there is no duplication submission and submitting images with the compatible formats. Later, Copytrack helps you to create the copyright by creating unique fingerprint to show that the image under a legal copyright.  

Receiving Certificate

When the images or works are ready to share along with the copyright from Copytrack, you will receive a specific certificate. This certificate is a kind of approval from the platform. You will also receive private key along with the certificate to make sure that only you who can use the images freely.

Controlling the Images

When you are publishing the images through Copytrack it means those images have a copyright. The interesting part, you can control the images. Let say, you can check whether your images are illegally used by unknown websites or third parties or not.

The process is done automatically so you don’t have to take more time only to check it. Copytrack gives you the complete detail so you have enough prove to decide the best further actions. Just remember, using an image with copyright without permission is not allowed and it is considered breaking the law.  

The detail above explains to you not only about the steps to join Copytrack but also the benefits you can take after joining the platform. Now, you can share your works safely without worrying about illegal copy and distribution. At least, there is a respect from the users to show that you are the creator of the work or images.

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