The objectives and the challenge of Sp8de

The Sp8de platform provides more than 20 casino entertainment options including casino games, roulette, poker and other gambling. Sp8de has seen a strong and ambitious move from gambling entertainment developers to build next-generation games exclusively with blockchain and smart contacts. The key driver behind this move is the user's desire to transparently handle the players and the casino.

Sp8de realizes that, in the coming years, the tendency to adjust online games with blockchain tends to expand. Sp8de aims to collect at least 10,000,000 USD to pursue its transformational strategy. Sp8de's main goal is to enter the traditional gambling market online to offer new choice players; a game that is really fair.

So, how do you keep and use  can also convert this token with any kind of ETH tokens as well as cryptocurrencies.


Sp8de positions itself as a gambling entertainment provider and will use funds from contributions to build complex blockchain-based platforms. In addition to developing games and mobile apps, Sp8de will also be experimenting with on-chain solutions to give players the option to try ongoing technological innovations in the gaming industry. Sp8de's main focus is entering the traditional online casino market and gaining exposure to 95% of other markets, previously inaccessible to cryptocurrency gambling sites.

The online gambling industry is priced at 46 billion dollars and is expected to grow to 6 billion dollars by 2018. Less than 5% of this market is derived from blockchain based casinos. Although there is an improvement in cryptocurrency gambling, traditional online gambling casinos it seems still difficult to switch to cryptocurrency. Sp8de builds bridges and introduces the concept of "very fair" along with games that have a very low cost.

Creating new objectives to face the challenges

The main challenge of Sp8de is the conventional casino. Conventional casinos can obviously provide immediate benefits. Conventional casino users are naturally reluctant to switch to using Sp8de because what comes from this platform has to go through several processes before it can eventually be used. Cryptocurrency is a big decision. As a platform that uses this new type of currency, the advantages of Sp8de (in theory) have not been accepted by many people.

Basically, Sp8de does sell a concept; the concept is very risky. Unlike money, cryptocurrency has the possibility of losses and high profits. This certainly makes many potential users have to re-think before ventured to use Sp8de.

The regulation also remains a major obstacle to platforms such as Sp8de. Sp8de is flexible, can even be played in places that prohibit gambling though, but this does not change the fact that the technology used by Sp8de is a technology that has not been fully recognized. In the end, Sp8de and many other similar platforms have to use existing users and time to prove that the technology they use is a technology that can indeed provide benefits.

So, how do you keep and use  can also convert this token with any kind of ETH tokens as well as cryptocurrencies.


The platform is set to solve the issues related the current gaming industry which is losing credibility with uncertainty terms of operations. The spade blockchain platform allows the execution of thousands of transactions at the same time without causing any restrictions to the users. Everyone has access to the gaming system as long as they meet the primary entry requirements hence covering a huge percentage of the gambling crowd.

Unique Codes

Additionally, the spade smart contract platform is one of its unique codes cannot be altered or manipulated in any way hence eliminating untrustworthy payment processes and biased random game outcomes experienced in the current centralized casino industry.

The blockchain Ouroboros serves as a broadcast channel that guarantees the constant generation of random numbers with the equal chances for everyone to get them in the same way. After all, there is a lot of trust and transparency issues that comes with money handling.

Scripted Language

The platform uses scripts of the unique language that ensures the faster conversion of every transaction to simple numbers allowing the system to pick the essential elements of use in the transaction. This makes the system faster and reliable as the scripted language is customized hence highly interpretable thus easy execution and security of commands.

Encourages Creativity

The spade platform gives innovative individuals a chance to implement the usage of smart contract flexibility to come up with exceptional game designs that fulfil the fantasy of developers. Additionally, the proof-of-stake scalability adopted by the spade platform gives an incredible advantage to earlier participants by giving them access to the next jackpots as compared to later participants who get limited access to the next levels.

Law Abiding

The spade platform is set to abide by all set standardized regulations in the gaming industry.

Token Distribution

The spade platform will use tokens in all its deals including awarding winners with token jackpots. This is advantageous as the tokens distributed increase in value on each subsequent presale stage. The token distribution started on January 8th, 2018 and is set to end on March 11th, 2018

On that same note, you will get information on the likelihood of winning that is attached to each token hence giving you a chance to know what you are getting into right from the start. The update on the number of slots that the spade platform is reserving to participants is a unique reward.

Whether to Invest or Not?

Unlike the current centralized gaming sites, spade requires participants to fully understand the mechanisms of the ICO procedure instead of depending on the graph figures. This can prove to be cumbersome to first-timers for it follows a strict structure that is quite confusing.

Additionally, due to the decreasing value of tokens after each sale, individuals taking part in jackpot rounds have slimmer chances of winning the large jackpots giving more chances to those who enter later. This can be discouraging to early entities even though they have higher chances of participating in as many rounds as they please.



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