The Role of Goldie on Buzzshow

Blockchain has been used for various industries. The latest industry which applies this technology is Buzzshow. Buzzshow is an online video social network platform which gives benefits for all members on the network.

One of interesting benefits is that all members have a chance to earn cryptocurrency known as Goldies. The explanation below gives you wider understanding about this platform and earnings.

Earning from Buzzshow

Buzzshow is trying to give income to all members who are connected to its network. The income is in the form of Goldie. Actually, Goldie is an ERC20 token and it is developed with the latest platform known as Ethereum platform. The token is shared to the users via smart contracts because this system helps to secure all the transactions made on Buzzshow.

By using smart contract, the owner of Goldie is able to transfer their cryptocurrency faster and easier in a few seconds. You can also convert this token with any kind of ETH tokens as well as cryptocurrencies.

The Way to Manage Goldie on Buzzshow

So, how do you keep and use Goldie easier and faster? To facilitate online transaction via Buzzshow,this platform is ready with specific tool known as e-wallet. By the time you earn Goldie, this cryptocurrency will be directly transferred into your e-wallet.

By using the features installed on the wallet, you are able to make direct transfer and any kind of customization just like what you want to manage the Goldie. The sophisticated technology provides you with secure and high protection system e-wallet.

The Use of Goldie

What can you do with your Goldies? Actually, Goldie is similar to money or currency in real world.The different is that it is presented in the form of digital token and used digitally. You can do anything with this token. For example, as an advertiser you can use Goldie to pay content creators or curators so they are willing to put your ads on their videos.

As a viewer, content creator, and curator, you are able to use Goldie to purchase premium videos from your favorite content creators via Buzzshow. You can also exchange it to different type of cryptocurrencies for various purposes such as purchasing products or services or even peer to peer transfer activity.

The Challenges and How to Overcome It

There are several challenges to introduce and develop Buzzshow. As a new platform with a new system, the developer needs to make sure that Buzzshow is able to integrate with any other existing platforms. Buzzshow has to be developed to protect against illegal contents, Goldie harvesting bots,trolling, and manipulation. There is also a market speculation which disturbs Goldie’s stability.

The developer is trying to do something to prevent such kind of issues. For example, Buzzshow is developed by following the latest standard in order to integrate with all the existing platforms. It hopes that in the future, Buzzshow will be known as a compatible video social network.

Moreover, Buzzshow is trying to develop transparency and this is the reason why this platform is using decentralized and blockchain technology. By ysing this technology several serious issues such as illegal contents,harvesting bots, trolling, and manipulation can be prevented effectively. To keep the stability of Goldie, Buzzshow is using specific mechanism known as algorithm stability mechanism.



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