WorldWiFi and the Future of Free WiFi Access

For some people, the general concept and idea of WorldWiFi is a bit ambitious and pretty difficult to make true: providing free access for everyone in the world. Sounds like an impossible dream?Sounds like a too-good- to-be- true scheme? Probably, but you should hear them out and give them a chance to explain the concept. Nothing is impossible when we are using technology as the basic platform.

Uneven Internet Connection

A lot of people may not have problems getting a fast and easy access to the internet. But would you believe that there are millions of people out there who are struggling to get even a decent connection? Not only they have to deal with financial issue, they also have to deal with difficult access, remote areas, and such thing alike.

Technology has brought us to this digital and modern world, so it would be difficult to imagine a world without it. When you can’t get a direct access to technology, you will miss out a lot of things.You may miss out a good chance for education, for better work, and much more. This is why gaining the proper access to the net is crucial.

There is also a problem where people try to steal the internet connection or do anything illegal, just to be connected to the digital world. This is the thing that WorldWiFi is trying to overcome and avoid. By making sure that free internet access is available, people won’t have to violate the law. They can get the access and no one will lose anything.

The Basic Concept

So, how is WorldWiFi trying to overcome the issue? By attracting different groups of people, namely the router owners, advertisers, and users. The router owners generally use the residential routers that can be used together. They provide the free internet connection, so the users can get connected to the net without having to pay a dime – and not having to do anything illegal.

The owners get cryptocurrency as the reward, and the digital money is provided by the advertisers. The users have to view the ads, becoming the target intended market for the advertisers. For the advertisers, they can finally get the intended market – and they can do market analytic observation.

From this concept alone, it is a win-win solution for everyone. And since this system is running on the blockchain technology, you can be sure about the transparency and credibility. No need to worry that you will be scammed or lied to. Blockchain technology is running on peer-to- peer system which means that there is no centralized system. Do you want to enjoy your own privacy or freedom? This is the right platform to use!

Investment? Why Not?

It is also a good thing that this developer is providing a chance for those interested in making an investment. If you want to take part in the development, you can always buy the WeToken which will be used for making the transaction within the platform. The money raised will be used for the project. So, ready to invest with WorldWiFi?


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