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Onlive and the Future of Online Live Services

Do you have any specific skill that you can offer to other people? Do you feel like sharing knowledge without having to leave the house? Do you believe in the strength and efficiency of live service, and how it can help a lot of people? Do you have a strong, fast, and reliable internet connection and you haven’t made the best use of it? If you join Onlive, you can enjoy the greatest features of the platform, and you can manage the system the way you like it. 
The Concept of Online Live Service Live service is basically divided into two major types: live service and live broadcast. Live service is about live and direct online interaction between providers and viewers. Let’s say that you want to consult a professional financial consultant.

You just browse the platform, choose a specific provider, and then interact with them. You can lay out your problems, discuss the possible solutions, and such thing alike. This kind of service is applicable to all kinds of subjects – including health, b…

How Onlive Is Different from Other Services

Live services are becoming a trend these days. We live in the modern world that is dominated by the technology, especially the internet. So, instead of wasting your connection for doing useless things, why not take the best advantage of it? By joining Onlive, you can enjoy the liver service and gain more knowledge about so many different subjects and topics.
Onlive Platform and Its Unique TraitHow is this platform different from the similar services you can find in other video-based sites, like Youtube or Vines? Well, first of all, Youtube broadcasts recorded videos so there won’t be a direct interaction between the broadcaster and the viewers. It’s like you are recording yourself when cooking, for instance, and then you post your videos later.

Your fans can watch the videos again and again. In Onlive, it is completely different. It is a live service platform, which means that when you record the videos, you also broadcast it at the same time. You are able to interact directly with your…

SSOT Health ICO Review-Healthcare Solutions

SSOT Health TechnologyWhat is meant by SSOT blockchain here is an encrypted distributed database system or can be called Smart contract driven. Here SSOT-powered side chains will validate every institutional transaction where two clients will be in use. They are the SSOT Web app Client as a plugin application for each eligible EHR application and the SSOT Mobile Client run on the SSOT Blockchain technology.

In addition, there is still a lot of other information related to SSOT health technology. Well, if you want to know more about SSOT blockchain technology, then you can refer to the review below.
SSOT SolutionIn this case, SSOT blockchain has several applications as a solution in the offer. Several applications are identified as SSOT blockchain EHR, SSOT blockchain pharma, and SSOT blockchain claim. For the first solution that is the secured EMR application.

Here, the application is supported by SSOT blockchain. In fact, this EMR application is an application that uses the first blockc…

Bagaimana Midex Melakukan Hal yang Paling Diinginkan

Tidak dapat diandalkan, saat ini kehidupan kita tertanam dengan segala sesuatu tentang uang yang terkait dengan dokumen, data, atau informasi. Uang menjadi pokok kehidupan yang bersirkulasi sebagai refleksi dari perilaku kita memenuhi kebutuhan saat ini dan masa depan. Pada orang modern tidak aneh dengan kegiatan bank seperti untuk pembayaran, investasi, kredit, dan menggunakan fasilitas adalah kartu dan Anjungan Tunai Mandiri (ATM).

Tidak menyadari juga bahwa kemajuan periode waktu mendorong orang untuk menjadi pelanggan, perluasan ini didukung secara kuat oleh pemasaran online. Untuk melihat kemungkinan ini, Midex akan mengambil bagian di sektor keuangan dan sebagai pengakuan adalah pelopor keuangan cryptocurrency dan bekerja pada platform.
Alasan Utama Midex DibutuhkanSebagian ke satu sisi yang menjadi perhatian adalah di sektor Keuangan. Dengan kebijakan bank, beberapa fasilitas hanya terasa memberi keberuntungan bagi pelanggan yang memiliki lebih banyak tabungan di bank ini seperti…

Buy the Mossland Token

Mossland Token (MOC) is not the only transaction tool, but it is the main transaction tool that will be used in the Mossland ecosystem. To be able to transact in Mossland, the user must purchase the token. Users can buy the token using the money, BTC, or Ethereum (ETH). The money, BTC, and ETH will be converted to MOC (Mossland token). On the initial purchase, each token will be sold for $ 0.12 and you can get 10,000 tokens for 1 ETH.

Mossland will be used to purchase virtual property and bonuses. However, in the meantime, users can still use their money to purchase other users' virtual properties. Meanwhile, Mossland accessories can be purchased using MOC. Mossland will also use the MOC to provide bonuses to its users. This is done as a way to invite users to fully switch to using the token. It takes time, but Mossland believes that this transition will take place along with the exchange rate of the token.

To get the token, users must purchase the Mossland app on PlayStore or AppSt…

Kora’s Humanity ICO

About Kora NetworkKora is a platform and app that will invite its users to invest in something that can help other users. It's like charity fundraising, the difference lies in the profit that the investors can accept. Kora invites its users to help others (while still limited in the African region). Kora has a mission to provide convenience and benefits for its users in order to improve the quality of life.

This obviously requires a lot of capital and Kora hopes many people will be involved in fundraising. Funding will be done through the purchase of tokens and ICO. The coin will serve as a medium that will make it easier for users to transact banking via SMS, USSD, and then the internet. Gradually, Kora will also provide internet network in various regions in Africa so that its users can utilize the platform to its full potential.
Token SaleThe fund Kora needed to realize her wish was about 24 million dollars. This is not a small amount of money; it takes a commitment from many peo…

Nuggets-Biometric Blockchain Payment & ID Data Tool

Nuggets use blockchain technology to provide better security, more open transaction processing, and provide more payment options. Blockchain technology is known to have a good security system. this technology also prioritizes transparency; Nuggets indeed 'hide data' users, but this application still provides transparency of transactions on each party involved in it.

Nuggets have tokens called NUGs. This token is created using the Ethereum system. Ethereum selection is based on a universal quality of the system and token. Ethereum also has high exchange and acceptance rates so NUG is expected to work with the same progress. As an Ethereum-based token, NUG obviously has extensive access to online stores based on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The blockchain is a system that allows any platform or application to work independently. This allows Nuggets to store data of its users on their own servers; a server that cannot be watched by other parties. This way has advantages and disad…