Buy the Mossland Token

Mossland Token (MOC) is not the only transaction tool, but it is the main transaction tool that will be used in the Mossland ecosystem. To be able to transact in Mossland, the user must purchase the token. Users can buy the token using the money, BTC, or Ethereum (ETH). The money, BTC, and ETH will be converted to MOC (Mossland token). On the initial purchase, each token will be sold for $ 0.12 and you can get 10,000 tokens for 1 ETH.

Mossland will be used to purchase virtual property and bonuses. However, in the meantime, users can still use their money to purchase other users' virtual properties. Meanwhile, Mossland accessories can be purchased using MOC. Mossland will also use the MOC to provide bonuses to its users. This is done as a way to invite users to fully switch to using the token. It takes time, but Mossland believes that this transition will take place along with the exchange rate of the token.

To get the token, users must purchase the Mossland app on PlayStore or AppStore. After that, users will register themselves as Mossland users. After all the self-registration and account verification process is complete, users can purchase the token as they see fit. Investors or users will get extra tokens during the presale. It aims to increase investor interest in the app. Bonuses and tokens will be stored in a crypto wallet. Purchases can only be made in countries that do not prohibit cryptocurrency (although not admit it).

Sales will be done through 2 stages; presale and ICO. For those of you who want to get a token with a cheaper price, you can buy the token on presale. Minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH. Users who make a purchase in presale will get a bonus. The amount of purchase in presale will determine the price of the token on ICO. Mossland will also make presale a trial of the app. The presale was held on 29 January 2018 to 29 February 2018.

Sales will resume with ICO to be held from 12 March to 8 April 2018. Mossland is unlikely to raise the selling price when presale does not attract enough investors. But prices may change if the enthusiasm of investors increases. Mossland will sell 250 million MOCs to token sellers. The rest will be allocated to various matters relating to the company. The remaining 250,000,000 unsold tokens will be destroyed to maintain exchange rate stability.

Mossland does not specify the soft cap. This means that regardless of the funds raised, Mossland will continue its business. This method is rarely done by a new company that does fundraising through the sale of the crypto token. This means that investors should be prepared to bear the losses when the app cannot work properly. Investments using cryptocurrency indeed have a high risk and without the soft cap, the risk of losses owned by investors will increase.

The disadvantage of a cryptocurrency-based investment is the difficulty of asking for compensation or liability when a loss occurs. This is due to the lack of recognition and supervision of blockchain based companies that use cryptocurrency. Mossland and the team reminded that every user will be responsible for whatever happens to his investment. The Company will not replace any losses suffered by its users.

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