Current - The Basic Operational Concept

When joining Current, not only people can get the affordable and easy streaming enjoyment, they will be rewarded for their efforts and time spent. It’s a unique platform designed to meet everyone’s demands without spending too much money or dealing with fussy streaming management.

Every activity in Current will be rewarded with its special tokens so members can get money, not merely spending it. With the mining concept in this platform, everyone can get the benefits, including the people creating the contents and others.

Mining Activity in Currency

It means that when you are streaming a content via Current, you will get the token reward. It isn’t only you, but also the creator and the curator. You see, whatever people do on the net is a valuable source of information for the business industry because they get to learn the latest trend of what’s happening in society and what people like. Every time you stream through Current, you will also share the data through the legit way. No need to worry about it; the arrangement is done by this platform automatically.

So, here is the basic scheme of how things are managed and running in Current:
  • You are connected to different streaming channels by using one account only
  • The blockchain platform will record every activity that you do, including your search, your favourite channels, how many hours spent on the streaming activity, and such thing alike. This is the data that will be shared with developers and business sectors
  • Whenever you view a content, you will be rewarded for your efforts and time. If you share a content or if you refer other people from outside Current to join this platform, and they finally join this community, you will get another reward
  • The result for token mining will be split for viewers, creators, curators, and referrers. No one is left behind because everyone will get the equal and fair division.

How CRNC Tokens Are Used

If you take a look at the description above, the function and role of CRNC token are important. It is the main currency in this platform. Feel free to save it, use it, exchange it, or anything you like. Not only it acts as the main currency, it can also be used as a smart investment in ICO manner. By buying the tokens at low price now and expect its value to increase after the platform launches, you can reap a handsome profit from it.

The development team is planning to release 1,000,000,000 CRNC tokens with different percentage allocations.
  • 35% of them will go to mining rewards, which include distribution, platform, and growth
  • 35% is for sales, mainly to fund the project. It goes for technology, marketing, and business development
  • 17% is for team and advisors, especially early contributors
  • 10% of them will go to community growth and strategic partners. After all, what is a business without a solid partnership with others?
  • 3% for the current foundation, focusing on long-term growth and transition period (and also efforts)
The main sales period will open soon, around 14th of March 2018. Anyone interested in taking part in Current platform should check the official website to buy the tokens.



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