EOZ: Global Lending World with Clear Scheme

If there is an idea of being able to lend your money for a daily profit, will you do it? This is what EOZ offers: the chances for people to engage in smart and profitable investment without any complication or fuss.

All you have to do is to lend your tokens so the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) with their Auto Trading Robot can manage it through smart trading activity. So, how does this platform work, exactly?

EOZ Systems

Basically, when you have EOZ currency, you are allowed to choose different investment scheme with daily profits. Whether you want to save your profits or withdraw them, it is up to you – daily withdrawal is even possible. You can also withdraw your main investment – of course with 20% penalty being charged. Thanks to the easy features and user-friendly panel, making a withdrawal is possible and even easy.

Here are some of the available options:

• If you invest in between $100 to $499, expect 3% for your daily profit. However, the holding period lasts for 160 days
• If you invest in between $500 to $4,999, expect 3% daily profit with 0.10% bonus, withholding period lasts for 150 days
• If you invest in between $5,000 and $24,999, expect 3% daily profit with 0.15% bonus withholding period lasts for 120 days
• If you invest in between $25,000 and $99,999, expect 3% daily profit with 0.25 bonus – holding period lasts for 70 days
• If you invest more than $100,000, expect 3% daily profit with 0.35% bonus. The holding period lasts for only 50 days

EOZ Token: Functions, Sales, and Allocations

Anyone interested in making ICO investment can take part in the EOZ token sales. ICO investment means that you can buy the tokens during the provided time because the price is usually at the lowest. After the platform launches, its value will increase – naturally, the price will be higher. If it gains positive feedback and it becomes popular, the price will be even higher. That’s how ICO investors gain their profits.

EOZ tokens hold an important role in this platform because it will be used as the main currency. Lending activity can only be done with EOZ tokens and not other currencies. The same rule also applies to the trading activity.

EOZ tokens are issued to fund the project. The development team plans to release ‘only’ 48,000,000 tokens where 12,000,000 of them (25%) will be sold for ICO investment. 5% will be used for future growth and development, 3% is for founders and teams, and 2% is for bounty.

Since this platform is focusing on blockchain technology and crypto trading, 70% of the collected funds will be used for developing the technology. Besides advanced blockchain technology and other supporting features, safety features on cryptocurrency will be strengthened. The remaining 30% will be divided for 3 major elements: 10% is for development and further growth, 10% is for business focus and marketing, and 10% is for operational and administrative expenses.

Besides the common adoption and token integrations with other platforms, the development team has developed a buyback program, where they repurchase their tokens so the numbers will remain limited. Yes, it is reducing the general supply of EOZ tokens so the value will remain stable and the price won’t drop too drastically.


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