FarmaTrust: How It Helps Eliminating Fake Drugs

FarmaTrust isn’t only a platform to get details of a drug and its distribution, but it is also a platform where users and manufacturers can interact, creating middle men in drugs distribution. Counterfeit drugs are nasty and they have created more problems globally. If you want to combat this issue while improving drugs distribution to achieve better system and cheaper alternative, you should join this platform. After all, it is designed for a reason, and you can contribute to the cause.

The Global Issue

Fake drugs have been an issue that is difficult to eliminate. Not only they hurt the industry by causing millions of dollars worth loss, they also hurt the patients. Imagine this: you or someone you love is suffering from a serious condition.

The drugs are supposed to help and they should support faster recovery. But instead of getting better, your conditions are deteriorating – and it turns out that it is caused by the drugs. The one thing that should save your life becomes the one thing responsible for your condition getting worse. It is such a heartbreaking realization, isn’t it? It’s not the only problem about counterfeit drugs. Besides their danger, they are difficult to track too.

They are smartly infiltrated to the legal drugs distribution, making them seem legit because they are distributed with the real ones. It is a fact that drugs distribution is quite complicated because it goes through different points and series of handling (and controlling). This is the weakest link in the distribution, and it is easily penetrated by the fake drugs.

FarmaTrust Concept

It is a good thing that the development team behind FarmaTrust creation has observed this condition. The problem of fake drugs isn’t something new but it only gets worse over the years. Something has to be done, and technology can provide a solution to tackle all the challenges and obstacles.

First of all, this platform focuses on the distribution. If the chain of supply and distribution can be reinforced and strengthened, the possibility of fake drugs being in the system can be reduced, even stopped. Second, transparent distribution is the key.

When end users are given the ability to check the drugs they accept or use, they don’t have to be afraid about using fake drugs anymore. Any products that are released can be traced back to the manufacturers. If there is no data found about the products, then it is a guaranteed that the products are fake.

The platform can also be used by government and regulators when they are releasing updates, regulation, or information about the industry – whether it is about a new product, a new policy, etc. It can be an effective means of socialization because it directly reaches the intended target.

What about transactions inside FarmaTrust? It is possible because users and manufacturers are able to interact directly now, providing a chance for users to buy any products directly. The transaction is guaranteed to be safe because it runs on blackchain system.

All in all, getting prepared never hurts anyone, especially when it comes to such a sensitive case like drugs and medicines. What do you think about FarmaTrust and its role?


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