How Onlive Is Different from Other Services

Live services are becoming a trend these days. We live in the modern world that is dominated by the technology, especially the internet. So, instead of wasting your connection for doing useless things, why not take the best advantage of it? By joining Onlive, you can enjoy the liver service and gain more knowledge about so many different subjects and topics.

Onlive Platform and Its Unique Trait

How is this platform different from the similar services you can find in other video-based sites, like Youtube or Vines? Well, first of all, Youtube broadcasts recorded videos so there won’t be a direct interaction between the broadcaster and the viewers. It’s like you are recording yourself when cooking, for instance, and then you post your videos later.

Your fans can watch the videos again and again. In Onlive, it is completely different. It is a live service platform, which means that when you record the videos, you also broadcast it at the same time. You are able to interact directly with your followers and everything is done in a real-time manner. 

For the service, you will be required to pay with the specialized tokens, known as the ONL tokens. When you join this Onlive platform, simply browse around for the available services. You can find different kinds of services for different topics – health, education, fitness, weight management or weight loss, law, and so much more.

Taking part in the direct interaction is possible without having to be concerned about geographical boundaries. Supposed you live in Japan but you want to consult an expert from Singapore, you can contact them and have a direct communication. 

Of course, not everyone can make videos or live contents. In most cases, you will have to prove your qualifications so everyone is sure that you are qualified for the offered service. The service is using a rating system which means that viewers can apply ratings for any service they get. If they aren’t happy or satisfied with your service, they can have a low rating. But if they are happy with your contents, not only they can apply a high rating, they can also send you tips.

The Functions of ONL Tokens

Why is it important to have the ONL tokens when you join the platform? The tokens will function as the main currency. When you want to view a content, you will have to pay with the tokens. When you want to interact with a direct live service, you will also use the tokens to pay for the service. Even when you want to give out tips or rewards for the providers for their great contents or their superb quality, you use the tokens. 

Naturally, the tokens are exchangeable. Whether you want to save the tokens, keep them, use them, spend them, or exchange them, be sure these ONL tokens have their own values and you can enjoy the benefits. The public sale will start from 11th of March to 11th of April 2018, while the availability will start around 11th of May 2018. From the total 111 millions of tokens, there are different allocations that will be set up for this Onlive platform. 



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