IPSX: Understanding the Core Concept

If you have never heard about IPSX before and you are wondering what this platform can do for the future reference, here is a short introduction and description for you: it is a platform for IP sharing or renting that is based on decentralized technology and smart contract. IP sharing may seem unimportant to you but it becomes a major focus for some people, such as app developers or open source creators.

The Basic Concept

In the old days, gold was the valuable item that needed to be mined and collected. Today, in this digital and modern era, data has become the next gold. It has become a valuable source of information that can be mined and collected. Unfortunately, mining the data is difficult, especially if you don’t have the source. That’s why IPSX team is providing a platform – a place where data can be mined and shared. Through IP sharing or unused IP collections, businesses and developers can make use of this IP shared based to create or develop an app.

Thanks to the blockchain system, everything will be done in a transparent manner with very minimal possibility of cheating or manipulation. The usage of smart contract with its automated system will provide honest and detailed ground for any party involved in the deal. Basically, everyone can be happy when using this platform, gaining their own purposes. The developers or businesses can get the data they want while the one providing or sharing the IPs can get the rewards, in the form of cryptocurrency, of course. Everyone can take part and help each other.

IPSX Tokens

IPSX tokens are needed so the development team will have the fund to continue, develop, and expand their project. This is an ICO type of investment, where investors can buy the tokens in low price and expect its value to increase after the platform launches. If the platform gains enough popularity and publicity, it is even possible for these investors to reap even bigger benefits because of the token’s increased value.

The only accepted currency for IPSX token is Ethereum. 1 ETH is equal to 70,588 IPSX. The hard cap is expected to reach 10,800 ETH with available tokens are around 303,529,411 for this public sale. Participants from Taiwan, China, Canada, or the US won’t be considered eligible. The sales alone will start around February the 28 th 2018 with the token distribution is set around March the 5 th 2018.



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