Kora’s Humanity ICO

About Kora Network

Kora is a platform and app that will invite its users to invest in something that can help other users. It's like charity fundraising, the difference lies in the profit that the investors can accept. Kora invites its users to help others (while still limited in the African region). Kora has a mission to provide convenience and benefits for its users in order to improve the quality of life.

This obviously requires a lot of capital and Kora hopes many people will be involved in fundraising. Funding will be done through the purchase of tokens and ICO. The coin will serve as a medium that will make it easier for users to transact banking via SMS, USSD, and then the internet. Gradually, Kora will also provide internet network in various regions in Africa so that its users can utilize the platform to its full potential.

Token Sale

The fund Kora needed to realize her wish was about 24 million dollars. This is not a small amount of money; it takes a commitment from many people so that Kora's mission can be implemented. These funds will be obtained from the sale of tokens to be made 2 times, ie at presale and ICO (March 2018). Before committing to the fundraising, Kora will introduce the platform and app that can be used from August 2017. The trial app and platform will be tested by the team and get various improvements and developments before launching on ICO.

During the trial period, Kora will educate some Africans to use the SMS and USSD service. The Africans will also be introduced to the concept of digital money. Kora will see the response of the people and decide whether they will continue the program or not. Kora will not sell the coin until the technology offered is acceptable to the public.

Once the potential users have been able to receive and use the SMS / USSD services and the app, Kora will continue its business stages in token sales (presale). Kora will sell about 340 million coins on presale and ICO. The minimum purchase limit for tokens is 5000 dollars and the maximum limit is 1 million dollars. Kora hopes that they can get 24 million dollars to the company can realize its mission to help the Africans.

Kora will refund all the funds collected if it cannot reach the hard stamp. If the hard cap is not reached then Kora must cancel/stop/suspend its service. This is what happens with many other ideas; some extraordinary ideas are often forced to stop because of constrained funds. But Kora believes that many people will help The Africans to get better banking services.

Final Words

Kora can be classified as one of the platforms that move in the field of humanity. The company is concerned with the welfare and progress of the Africans. Kora hopes that the app will be able to be deployed elsewhere around the world. This will certainly be very helpful, especially; those who are often associated with troublesome banking regulations and those who want to take advantage of themselves.


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