Nuggets-Biometric Blockchain Payment & ID Data Tool

Nuggets use blockchain technology to provide better security, more open transaction processing, and provide more payment options. Blockchain technology is known to have a good security system. this technology also prioritizes transparency; Nuggets indeed 'hide data' users, but this application still provides transparency of transactions on each party involved in it.

Nuggets have tokens called NUGs. This token is created using the Ethereum system. Ethereum selection is based on a universal quality of the system and token. Ethereum also has high exchange and acceptance rates so NUG is expected to work with the same progress. As an Ethereum-based token, NUG obviously has extensive access to online stores based on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The blockchain is a system that allows any platform or application to work independently. This allows Nuggets to store data of its users on their own servers; a server that cannot be watched by other parties. This way has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of Nuggets, as already mentioned, are the ability to store personal data of each user without being noticed by others (including Nuggets themselves). A disadvantage of this way is the possibility of misuse of data storage.

Nuggets apply IPFS technology; a blockchain technology that works like a smart contract. This technology allows Nuggets to inter-platform transactions without sharing personal data of its users. The risk of technology is the disadvantage that the Nuggets may experience when users commit fraud; Nuggets must be solely responsible for every transaction made by its users. That is the reason why Nuggets require every user to pay when they want to transact with Nuggets.

Nuggets Tokens

Nuggets is a technology that requires tokens as a means of transaction, fundraising, and investment. You can use the Nuggets app after purchasing the NUG. Users must purchase the token in order to use the Nuggets service. Users do have to pay every time they want to use the Nuggets service, but that does not mean that Nuggets does not provide feedback to its users. Not only provide security against user data, Nuggets will also provide rewards on every transaction made users. In addition, users will also be invited to engage in charity activities.

Through the awarding of rewards, indirectly Nuggets has appreciated your data. The value of the rewards you receive is not as much as you should spend each time using Nuggets, but you can consider the rewards as discounts. This is a form of Nuggets award to its users. You may not find the same thing on other platforms.

The NUG can be used for various online transactions. Nuggets provide various services through multiple platforms in collaboration with Nuggets. You can buy and pay things through the Nuggets. The partner platform will accept payment by credit or debit card and NUG.

Aside from being a means of payment, NUG will be used by Nuggets to develop their applications. This is a way the Nuggets do to get the funds they need. Any improvement and development would require funds. Improvements and improvements are made to improve services and adjust the app performance with the development of blockchain technology.

How to get the tokens

The tokens can be bought by pre-sale and the ICO. After that, you can collect the ICO by doing data sharing. Some users choose this way to get more tokens, but some prefer to keep their data. Through the data share, you can get token with a certain amount. Traders need personal information to make you their subscribers. For example, when you share your email with a merchant, the seller will use email marketing methods to offer products or provide information on the platform on a regular basis. Every time you get an email from the seller, you will get a number of tokens that will be directly transferred to your crypto wallet.

Data share benefits all parties. The token value will also increase with more users doing data share. This is important for business continuity, but you should still ask for transparency about whom to share your personal data. Nuggets actually do the selection to every seller and platform that work with him, but there's nothing wrong if you also check on the seller and the platform that receives your data.

Pre-sale is done on October 24th, 2017. You must have enough money to buy this token. If you buy it with fiat, you should buy a NUG worth 10,000 dollars. But for those who already have cryptocurrency like ETH, it will not be subject to the minimum purchase amount. The ICO will be implemented in early 2018.


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