Onlive and the Future of Online Live Services

Do you have any specific skill that you can offer to other people? Do you feel like sharing knowledge without having to leave the house? Do you believe in the strength and efficiency of live service, and how it can help a lot of people? Do you have a strong, fast, and reliable internet connection and you haven’t made the best use of it? If you join Onlive, you can enjoy the greatest features of the platform, and you can manage the system the way you like it. 

The Concept of Online Live Service 

Live service is basically divided into two major types: live service and live broadcast. Live service is about live and direct online interaction between providers and viewers. Let’s say that you want to consult a professional financial consultant.

You just browse the platform, choose a specific provider, and then interact with them. You can lay out your problems, discuss the possible solutions, and such thing alike. This kind of service is applicable to all kinds of subjects – including health, beauty, and even weight management. 

As the name suggests, the live broadcast is about making the video and directly posting it online at the same time. Supposed you want to learn how to make a decoupage. Browse for options and experts, and then watch the videos. The basic difference of this service when compared to the ones available on YouTube is the direct interaction. You can directly learn about the decoupage and ask questions right away. It would be as if you were attending the regular class. 

This live service isn’t only good to improve your knowledge but also to save lives. Any assistance or help in the health sector, for instance, can help save lives. You can also share knowledge and information, allowing interactions between users and members. 

The Payment System

What about the payment? Basically, this Onlive platform offers two major payment systems – pay per view and pay per minute. In pay per view system, you can watch the whole videos or contents for a certain number of token exchange. In pay per minute mechanism, you pay based on the numbers of minutes needed for the service.

This kind of system is generally applicable for consultation service. When you have to consult a doctor or the financial expert, for instance, they don’t really know the total time needed to solve your issue. That’s why they usually charge for per-minute basis.

ONL Tokens and Their Functions

If you want to browse for offers and services, you will have to pay for the service – and you can do it with the ONL tokens. If you want to take part in the ICO investment, the public sale lasts from 5th of March to 11th of April 2018. From a total 111 million of tokens, around 61 million will be dedicated to the public sales. The others have been dedicated to the pre-sale event. 

From 111 millions of tokens, around 66% are dedicated to the sales – 55% for public sale and 11% for pre-ICO sale. 11% will go to Reserve and another 11% will go for founders. Another 6% will be dedicated to the bounty. The remaining 5% will go to advisors and 1% will go to a legal matter. If you want to join Onlive platform, will be better if you get the low price.



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