OTPPay: Future Payment with Different Sales Periods

Wouldn’t it be great if you can conveniently switch to whatever platform when you want to use cryptocurrency or fiat money? By the way, fiat means real, or the regular money you use in your daily life. Today’s technology has made it great in terms of flexibility, simplicity, and easiness.

When you can save, keep, send, or receive money through a decentralized system of digital money, you have improved the usage of money as means of exchange to a greater level. You no longer depend on the traditional banking system and such thing alike. Imagine the freedom and flexibility you can enjoy.

How OTPPay Works

Basically, OTPPay connects your crypto wallet with other means of payments. Not only you can send the cryptocurrency from one wallet to another wallet, now you can convert it to fiat currency – and you only need to do so through a special platform. Let’s say that you want to buy grocery.

Simply tap on the app during the checkout, choose which currency you want to use, send it away, get your smartphone closer to another device or scan a certain code, and voila! Your money is sent right away. Like a walk in the park and definitely no drama. 

Omni Tokens and Allocations

Every platform requires their own tokens for internal distribution and also means of payment. For OTPPay, Omni token will be used, and the development team is planning to issue around 1 billion of tokens for project development. From that 1 billion, around 600 million will go for sales, which will take place in 3 different stages.

Pre ICO period starts from 5th of March to the 3rd of April 2018. Investors buying the tokens will get 20% of bonus. During this stage, 1 ETH is equal to 16,000 OTP
The first stage of ICO starts from 4th of April to 3rd of May 2018. Investors buying the tokens will get 15% of bonus. During this stage, 1 ETH is equal to 8,000 OTP
The second stage of ICO starts from 4th of May to 2nd of June 2018. Investors buying the tokens will get 10% of bonus. During this stage, 1 ETH is equal to 8,000 OTP

After 600 million go to sales, the remaining 200 million is set for team and platform reserve. Another 111 million is set for referral and bonus. The remaining will be used for management and administration.

From the collected funds, the money will be divided into percentages. Each percentage is set for a certain purpose.

• 40% will be used for technical and technology development
• 15% will be used for operational cost
• 12% will be used business development, including promotion and marketing
• 10% will be used for platform integration and partnership with other platforms and systems
• 10% will go for licenses, including banking integration
• 10% will go for legal matter and administration
• 3% will go for miscellaneous

Besides Omni token, you can also use Ethereum or Bitcoin for the payment. That’s why this platform holds such a promising future, especially from the matter of flexibility and easiness. So, ready to join OTPPay for greater future of payment?


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