SSOT Health ICO Review-Healthcare Solutions

SSOT Health Technology 

What is meant by SSOT blockchain here is an encrypted distributed database system or can be called Smart contract driven. Here SSOT-powered side chains will validate every institutional transaction where two clients will be in use. They are the SSOT Web app Client as a plugin application for each eligible EHR application and the SSOT Mobile Client run on the SSOT Blockchain technology.

In addition, there is still a lot of other information related to SSOT health technology. Well, if you want to know more about SSOT blockchain technology, then you can refer to the review below.

SSOT Solution

In this case, SSOT blockchain has several applications as a solution in the offer. Several applications are identified as SSOT blockchain EHR, SSOT blockchain pharma, and SSOT blockchain claim. For the first solution that is the secured EMR application.

Here, the application is supported by SSOT blockchain. In fact, this EMR application is an application that uses the first blockchain technology worldwide. because everyone has security rights over their medical data, then securedEMR with this, the security of blockchain technology system can be realized.

Furthermore, for secure PHARMA applications here is also a blockchain based application. With this application, it will assist in enabling compatible SSOT pharmacy Blockchain and smart contract by the encrypted system.

While the SSOT blockchain claims itself is also an application with SSOT AI engine-powered SSOT blockchain where later this application will handle the complexity of insurance claims. And of the three existing applications, each has its own features that will support its activities.

HIPPA Regulations Guidelines

By reason of considering electronic storage and transmission of personal health information, here the SSOT Health business model provides provision to pay attention to the terms of the privacy rules. Implementation of this privacy rule will apply to several things such as health plan, health care, and health care provider.

The parties acting on their behalf as service providers, in addition to the several agents already mentioned, are here also responsible for HIPPA compliance. In this agreement any terms that are in place HIPAA is strict.

Furthermore, the requirements that determine the authorization of the use of unidentified information as well as the definition of personal information, here are the points of eligibility for the initial investigation.

HIPPA and SSOT Blockchain

For the problem of data usage restrictions, here the unidentified health information usage has no limitations. While the implementation of blockchain technology itself is to make improvements and data security. It is aimed at all medical records associated with the system with the aim of minimizing violations of health information.

In the process itself, data encryption must use NIST compliant algorithm during transmission and retrieval. This is in accordance with applicable legal provisions. Well, when this process has worked out well, the entire exchange of information will adhere to the best practices outlined in the NIST specification.

Thus some related information about SSOT blockchain technology that can give you an idea how exactly the technology that SSOT health offers to you. Furthermore, you should also know in this that through the use of the personal implementation of the Ethereum-based blockchain, here We apply a persistent persistent information storage mechanism.


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