The technology used by KickCity

Event industry experienced a significant change. Events serve as a means to gain profit. One of the advantages comes from ticket sales. Event organizers assess the success of an event from the number of tickets sold. The more tickets sold then the profits will be greater. To gain profits and large numbers of visitors, the promotion is done in various ways. One is to use social media and take advantage of platforms such as KickCity.

KickCity is a platform dedicated to event organizers and promotions. KickCity uses a system that connects the platform and the users through social media. Social media is the right media to promote. Each user can do promotion by using social media.

Artificial intelligence in the blockchain-based platform

KickCity has a unique way of introducing the platform. The KickCity promotional service can be used for free at the start of its release. Although free, users have to buy KCY to use this platform. This free service aims to increase interest in KickCity.

Although free, KickCity will still reward; because this is the method used. Users will be charged an 'ad' after KickCity has 1 million users. Users promoting their show at KickCity are required to pay. The amount of the fee is determined by the number of tickets sold through KickCity.

Advertising costs are cheaper than the total ticket price. KickCity will refund the cost of advertising in accordance with the number of tickets sold. A refund will also be awarded by a reward award in the form of a token pearl. The accumulated costs of unsold tickets will remain KickCity's.

KickCity will also give rewards to every visitor who purchases tickets of the event at KickCity. This is not a way to burden the event organizer. This is the way KickCity uses to reward all parties involved in the success of an event.

Rewards will be arranged by smart contract. Smart contracts allow KicCity to provide fair and transparent rewards. The reward will be awarded according to the portion of each party. The event organizer is the party that receives the most reward. Meanwhile, users who buy tickets at KickCity will get the lowest reward. In addition to providing a fair and transparent reward, KickCity is also created to facilitate the different transactions of each user.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is not yet a technology used by many people. Internet users still like to use fiat as a primary payment tool. KickCity accepts various methods of payment as a form of adaptation to existing conditions. One thing for sure is that each user must purchase a KCY token in order to use the KickCity platform. After that, KickCity allows its users to keep trading with fiat.

KickCity uses artificial intelligence technology to improve the accuracy of smart contracts. The AI also plays an important role to know all the activities of users associated with the promotion of certain events (in accordance with links that are submitted to their respective media). AI is used to manage many things, such as transactions, monitor promotional activities in social media, and determine rewards.


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